Cloud Consulting

We have extensive experience of using cloud computing platforms to host and run complex and high throughput applications. The cloud offers an invaluable mix of flexibility, reliability and performance. Read our blog post to learn why we use and recommend the Windows Azure cloud platform from Microsoft.

Cloud platforms offer a managed, high availability solution. When compared to an on-premise or dedicated infrastructure the benefits are obvious – much less regular maintenance is required and minimal time is spent troubleshooting if things go wrong.

Another major benefit of a cloud platform is the cost – you only pay for what you use. Automatic scaling can be enabled to increase or decrease the resources you’re paying for depending on the load, which means you save money when your applications aren’t being used such as during the night. This isn’t just a cost benefit though, because resources can be scaled up during unexpected periods of high demand your solution is ready to handle anything.

If you have a new or existing solution, whether it’s a legacy application or a brand new application – contact us now to find out how you can save time and money by leveraging the power of a cloud computing platform.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
The cloud offers a robust, reliable service, but at the same time it ensures there are always options available to you if anything goes wrong.

Your systems are important to you, your business and your customers. We can advise you on exactly how to make the best use of cloud computing to allow you to achieve the level of continuity your business requires. We have first hand experience of how to get the very best from the cloud – introducing smart scalability and improving reliability, while reducing costs.

Not just for web sites
The cloud offers such an extensible platform it’s not just for web-based application hosting. Any of your current on-premise hardware can be migrated to the cloud, and usually it’s quite easy to achieve. Alternatively you can use the cloud as an extension of your current on site infrastructure and connect to it over IPsec – it’s there whenever you need it and you can expand and contract the resources so you only pay for what you need to use, when you need to use it.

Spin up as many virtual machines as you need within minutes to achieve whatever task you can think of – running either Windows or Linux – each with up to 8 dedicated processor cores and 56GB of RAM. When you’re done with them, shut them down and you’ll stop paying for them. You can retain the disk images from these machines securely in cloud-based storage for when you need them again, or you can create your own VHD images to upload and use.

Any application you can run on a physical server can be migrated to the cloud. It’s fast, flexible and reliable. Contact us to find out more.

Migration Advice
If you’re thinking about moving some or all of your infrastructure to the cloud, we can help you choose the best solution and plan your migration so you can get the most from it and ensure an easy transition.

You don’t need to move to the cloud all at once – we’ve previously blogged about how you can slowly migrate existing systems to the cloud with minimal downtime and without impacting your core business services.

We can help you evaluate your current infrastructure and recommend the best ways to use a cloud platform to save you money, time and improve performance.